Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ward at 1 year

Sometime around his birthday Ward had his 1 year check-up, complete with shots.  He did great.  Audrey acted crazy, but our new pediatrician took it all in stride.  She has a two-year-old too. 

courtesy Grampy Shaver

Ward's stats:

Weight: 19 lb, 10 oz (5-10%)
Height: 27.4 in (10-25%)
Head: 17.8 in (10-25%)

Ward is a great little guy.  He's generally happy, pretty quiet, and just enjoys being along for the ride.  We haul him everywhere, and he is so good about it.  He is crawling very quickly now, and doesn't like to be contained.  He still naps about 4 hour/day, which totally makes him my favorite child.  I know every mom says this, but I think he is super cute.  I love to snuggle him.  His favorite person in the whole world is his Dada.  He loves to be with Eric.

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