Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An actual start

School finally started!  Amos loves it.  He amazes me with how easily he just takes it all in stride. 

The first day of school there was a little confusion with the bus, but it all seems to be sorted out now.  I have to load up all of the kids in the car to go to the bus stop, and that is definitely not my favorite.  Eventually we'll be taking Maggie to school from the bus stop, so I guess I might as well get used to it.  (Sidenote: Mag's preschool is now delayed until Sept. 30. Blech).

At least the bus stop is pretty:

And, his backpack is cool (we bought it during a time when he was watching "The Sandlot" a lot):

His bus driver to school is a friend of mine from church, so that is awesome!  I love knowing someone will be looking out for him.

On the way home from school he has a different bus driver, but she seems great too.

I did manage to get a "First Day of School" survey done for Amos too.  Go me.

So, that's it.  Amos goes to school! Every. Day.


Anna said...

Yeah, Amos! I am so excited for him to be in school. And I love that his favorite food is red chicken :) me too!

Anna said...

And I can't believe Maggie doesn't go to school till the 30th- that seems a long time to wait.

Nana said...

Great to see Amos so excited about school. Your pictures are the best! Looking forward to hearing all about it on our next visit.

Andrea said...

cute pictures!