Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A sloooow start

This has officially been the longest summer EVER.  I know, someday I'll be complaining that the kids have to go back so early, but this year is seriously ridiculous.  Elementary school started this week, but the kindergarteners do a "slow start" so, Amos doesn't officially go to school until next Monday.  Today we went to his school to meet his teacher and do his pre-assessment.  I photographed it.  It was pretty much a non-event.

The kindergartener:

Yeah, the starbursts are random, but it was the most natural I caught him.

And his posse:

Audrey tripped and fell and was trying so hard to hold it together...and, she does:

Some pictures at school:

And, still with his posse:

Maggie's preschool moved buildings, so she doesn't start until the 16th!  I am grateful for the time to figure out Amos' whole deal before getting into hers. But, seriously, let's get this thing started already.

One final shot...Amos took this one himself.  He's got a pretty awesome fan club if you ask me:

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