Friday, September 27, 2013

A Princess Party at the Farm

Audrey's third birthday is fast approaching (finally!) and since she has a pre-set playdate with her two best friends on Fridays, I thought I'd make it into a little party for her today. 

Audrey's friends are great girls from great families and I just really want them to grow old together (think: BYU roomies, missions, and joint baby showers).

I know the girls like to play dress-up, so dress up we did.  Keeping it simple, all I did was lay out our dress-up clothes, and then let the girls have at it.

There were a few outfit changes, but that's to be expected from such serious princesses!

Truly, easiest party ever.  I blew up some balloons, put out some coloring sheets and they were happy.

A very unexpected highlight of the party was when the girls became fascinated with the chickens in the backyard, and Eric took them out for some farm time. 

They loved feeding the turkeys and petting the chickens. 

Since I didn't have too many party activities planned, I did want to get Audrey a special cake.  I have never bought one at a bakery before, but now there might be no going back.  It was perfect and amazing and all I had to do was pick it up. 

As you can tell, the girls were enamored.

The boys were at the party too, but we did our best to ignore them.

I tried to get some pictures of the princess sisters, but they're just whacky!

Not a bad way to start off being a 3 girl...almost.

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Annie H. said...

That cake!! (Is adorable!!) What a fun party, too. I'm taking notes for Avery's 1st...