Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 4th of July-Washington Style

The 4th is one of our big holidays, and in Utah, we were always able to do it in a big way.  There's nothing quite like figuring out how to do things in a new, we asked around a bit.  We were able to come up with a pretty good 4th Washington style.

The city next to ours, Carnation, has a cute little parade on the 4th, and we started there.

The weather was beautiful and we didn't cook!  It was so nice.

A lot like Provo's downtown activities, there were bounce houses and slides, etc.  It was so sad, they were crazy micromanaged (one kid on a structure at a time), so the kids spent most of their time standing in line.  I did miss the Provo free-for-all at this point.  It was always a little exciting to see if they would come back with all of their teeth ;)

After the Carnation festivities we headed home for some rest.  We intended to go back to Carnation for the big city fireworks show, but decided sitting at home with a private fireworks show sounded better.  Oh, and we went out to Thai for dinner.  We may have overdone the bbq'ing by the time we got to the 4th ;)

Whoever came up with the fireworks "backpack" is a genius.  I mean, really.

Fairy wands, i.e. sparklers are always a favorite of the girls, young and old:

The kids LOVED doing the fireworks in the backyard.  I loved not having to fight traffic and being steps from my bed.

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Megs Shaver said...

Great pictures... too bad you didn't have a dried out christmas tree to light on fire! :) The picture of Pop and Wardie is sure cute!