Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nan and Popalooza July '13

In a way, this has very much been the summer that would never end.  Nan and Pop made their annual July visit to see us, and managed to mix things up a bit.  They didn't even complain about the location change...

It doesn't hurt that we have moved to a land that is so incredibly alive.  In Utah, being in a desert, things left alone tend to whither and die.  Here in Washington, you turn your back for a second and a garden pops up.  It's incredible.

While they were here Nan, Pop, and Eric took the kids on some incredible adventures.  I'll let the pictures speak (mostly) for themselves:

One of my favorite pictures:

Yes, Amos is really into this pose right now:

Great sequence:

This picture completely helped me understand why Mag's came home naked and wrapped in a blanket:

Here's to the great outdoors!  (And a day off for me while they all explore them!)

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