Monday, July 1, 2013

Mas Legos

We've still been playing lots of Legos, in case you were wondering. 

The other day we decided to build a zoo...I'd barely begun sorting pieces for the building when Amos said,

"Ok, here's the giraffe"

Indeed, a giraffe.  Our zoo ended up with 2 giraffes, a cat, and 3 birds.  I told them it was the Boise zoo.

Then there's Maggie.  She builds the most particular little creations.  Her current specialty is trees.  She's really good at them, and she knows it.  Eric built one similiar to hers, and when he tried to add it to her forest, she said,

"Nope, not good enough." 

Totally denied.


Anna said...

Dude, I am thoroughly impressed with their lego abilities. That giraffe is awesome.

lizi said...

Those hours are paying off. They are great little builders.