Monday, July 1, 2013

Campin' in the yard

Friday night Eric took one for the team and camped out with the kids in the backyard.  It didn't hurt that he had a new tent to try out, but a night in the yard is no fun when your bed is so close. 

The kids were so excited, but it turns out my princesses aren't really into camping.  They only like the idea of it. 

After Maggie came in the house and was sitting on the couch drinking her juice, eating a snack, and watching t.v., she said, "Now this is fun."  I take full responsibility for her.

Amos and Eric toughed it out though, and I am proud of them.

My favorite picture from the night, Audrey in particular:

I've caught my foot on the lip of the tent and come tumbling out just like that so many times.

And, yes, the pictures are a bit Audrey-centric.  She's the only one that cooperates these days.

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Kate said...

Everyone is growing up! I love the posts - especially everyone's personalities shining through. Beautiful!