Saturday, July 20, 2013

Audrey Lately

  • I don't even know if there are words for Audrey.  She's equal parts terror and adorable.  The adorable keeps her alive after she does things like spill a bottle of Naked Juice on a pile of brand new (tags still on) clothes.
  • The girls is a mess.  No time to worry about what's on her face, or in her hair.  Sometimes I think it might be easier to let the dreadlocks form.
  • She insists on taking "One. Baby." (while giving me one finger {not that finger}) most everywhere we go.  Sometimes she just walks up to me and says, "One. Baby." out of the blue???
  • She is obsessed with being a ballerina.  She loves to dance and twirl. Dance class in the fall is going to be AWESOME.
  • She LOVES the backyard.  She is a girl of the wild back there.  She loves to play with Amos, and insists on keeping up with him. Half of the time she refuses to take off her princess heels, which makes her hysterical to watch (and so slow!). 

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