Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amos Lately

  • While Nan and Pop were visiting, Amos was determined to learn how to tie his shoes. We were all so exhausted, none of us had the mental energy to exert.  Amos insisted, so Nan, Pop, and I gave it our best efforts.  In spite of yelling at us, and being so frustrated at our teaching methods, Amos stuck with it and learned to tie his shoes in about 30 minutes.  The little stinker has been wearing his only pair of lace-up shoes (which are a size too small) just so he can tie them ever since.  He's also kindly offered to tie the shoes of our 6-year-old neighbor who hasn't learned yet.
  • Along the lines of just deciding he's ready to know something, Amos has decided he's going to learn how to read.  He gets so frustrated with me as I struggle through practicing with him, but he never lets me quit.  One of my favorite moments reading was right after I explained an exclamation point (why the dumb "first reader" had one I'll never understand), and he pointed to a question mark and said, "I know that one!  It's a mysteryyyyyyy!"
  • Last night Amos was over at the neighbor's playing as we sat down for dinner.  We decided to leave him be, and enjoyed a nice dinner with the girls.  Of course, when Amos got home he was starving.  I told him he could eat at the counter so we could talk while I did the dishes.  As soon as I served him and started about my work he said, "So, mom, how was your day?"  It just struck me as so funny since he was with me 95% of it.  And, it was so grown up.
  • My back has gone out a couple of times recently, and the hardest part is that I can't lift/carry/really do anything for Wardie.  Amos has been totally amazing at hauling him around, getting him bottles, getting him in and out of his crib, etc. I've been fine for a little bit now, but Amos isn't giving up his Wardie helper status.
  • Amos is so ready for kindergarten.  He'll tell anyone who will listen about "all of the supplies" he needs to "put in his backpack." Doesn't hurt that I got him a super awesome backpack.

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