Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still lovin' our neighbors

Our across the street neighbors have 5 acres, and a horse business.  They have a huge barn, and really nice facilities.  Our next door neighbors (the givers) keep their horse at the other neighbors' stables.  All of this means we get to see a lot of horses.  They walk down our road. 

The kids love it.  And they think it's normal.  I guess around here it is.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

But, not me?

This week Amos and Maggie have started our summer tradition of swim lessons.  When I proudly told them at dinner, poor Audrey (who is still too young to go, hasn't she been 2 for like 3 years??) said,

"But, not me?" 

She was so sad, it was heartbreaking.  Now that we've been to lessons a couple times though, I can promise you, she's doing just fine:

I haven't taken the "real" camera yet, but here's what's on my phone:

The lessons are at the Monroe YMCA, and I have to say, it's quite nice.  NOTHING like the Y I remember going to as a kid.  It's also the first thing I've liked about Monroe.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Love thy neighbor

Our very nice neighbors have been gifting us all kinds of treasures their kids have outgrown. Up until today it's been scooters, nerf guns, and things of the sort. But, today, today it was this:

Heaven! And I am off to find the nearest ER for future reference.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wardie Lately

  • Ward is a man on the move.  He's pulling up onto everything.  He snagged my ipad and iphone in one lucky grab tonight.  He's starting to try at the stairs, and when I go in to get him from his crib, he's always up on the rails.
  • He sounds a lot like Donald Duck when he happy talks.  He has also started the funniest angry squawking when he wants to be fed.  He's all about all "people" food.  The boy can't be bothered with a bottle.
  • I swear Wardie does these two things:
1. He watches/waits for the back door to be left open so he can make a beeline for it.  I am telling you, if anyone forgets to pull it shut behind themselves, he is there in a flash.  No matter where he is, what he is doing, or how distracted he is, he's got some serious radar for the sound of that door.  And, he can tell when it does get closed, because he doesn't move at all.
2. He is also on broom watch.  If I ever get the broom out while he is around, he is in my pile.  Usually eating it.  Sometimes worse.  Yes, there is worse.

Audrey Lately

  • I don't even know if there are words for Audrey.  She's equal parts terror and adorable.  The adorable keeps her alive after she does things like spill a bottle of Naked Juice on a pile of brand new (tags still on) clothes.
  • The girls is a mess.  No time to worry about what's on her face, or in her hair.  Sometimes I think it might be easier to let the dreadlocks form.
  • She insists on taking "One. Baby." (while giving me one finger {not that finger}) most everywhere we go.  Sometimes she just walks up to me and says, "One. Baby." out of the blue???
  • She is obsessed with being a ballerina.  She loves to dance and twirl. Dance class in the fall is going to be AWESOME.
  • She LOVES the backyard.  She is a girl of the wild back there.  She loves to play with Amos, and insists on keeping up with him. Half of the time she refuses to take off her princess heels, which makes her hysterical to watch (and so slow!). 

Maggie Lately

  • Maggie still loves the neighbors' dog, Lily.  Quite often she asks me, "Can I go play at Lily's house?"  Any time we talk about anyone's birthday party (which is often, really) she says, "Can I invite Lily????"
  • Mags and I went to get our nails done.  While I checked us in, she got right down to business lounging and magazine reading (see above).  The girl is a natural.
  • She is obsessed with Disney Junior-Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First to be precise.  Once in a while I'll catch her singing the Disney Junior theme song..."Diiisssneeey Junior, where the magic begins!"
  • Auds is either her best friend, or worst friend, depending on the second. 
  • Maggie loves to play by herself.  Lately, she's been holing up in her room with her princesses, barbies, and lego girls.  She just plays and plays, happy as can be.  When I have to interrupt her for whatever reason, she says, "one second, I'm still playing." 

Amos Lately

  • While Nan and Pop were visiting, Amos was determined to learn how to tie his shoes. We were all so exhausted, none of us had the mental energy to exert.  Amos insisted, so Nan, Pop, and I gave it our best efforts.  In spite of yelling at us, and being so frustrated at our teaching methods, Amos stuck with it and learned to tie his shoes in about 30 minutes.  The little stinker has been wearing his only pair of lace-up shoes (which are a size too small) just so he can tie them ever since.  He's also kindly offered to tie the shoes of our 6-year-old neighbor who hasn't learned yet.
  • Along the lines of just deciding he's ready to know something, Amos has decided he's going to learn how to read.  He gets so frustrated with me as I struggle through practicing with him, but he never lets me quit.  One of my favorite moments reading was right after I explained an exclamation point (why the dumb "first reader" had one I'll never understand), and he pointed to a question mark and said, "I know that one!  It's a mysteryyyyyyy!"
  • Last night Amos was over at the neighbor's playing as we sat down for dinner.  We decided to leave him be, and enjoyed a nice dinner with the girls.  Of course, when Amos got home he was starving.  I told him he could eat at the counter so we could talk while I did the dishes.  As soon as I served him and started about my work he said, "So, mom, how was your day?"  It just struck me as so funny since he was with me 95% of it.  And, it was so grown up.
  • My back has gone out a couple of times recently, and the hardest part is that I can't lift/carry/really do anything for Wardie.  Amos has been totally amazing at hauling him around, getting him bottles, getting him in and out of his crib, etc. I've been fine for a little bit now, but Amos isn't giving up his Wardie helper status.
  • Amos is so ready for kindergarten.  He'll tell anyone who will listen about "all of the supplies" he needs to "put in his backpack." Doesn't hurt that I got him a super awesome backpack.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 4th of July-Washington Style

The 4th is one of our big holidays, and in Utah, we were always able to do it in a big way.  There's nothing quite like figuring out how to do things in a new, we asked around a bit.  We were able to come up with a pretty good 4th Washington style.

The city next to ours, Carnation, has a cute little parade on the 4th, and we started there.

The weather was beautiful and we didn't cook!  It was so nice.

A lot like Provo's downtown activities, there were bounce houses and slides, etc.  It was so sad, they were crazy micromanaged (one kid on a structure at a time), so the kids spent most of their time standing in line.  I did miss the Provo free-for-all at this point.  It was always a little exciting to see if they would come back with all of their teeth ;)

After the Carnation festivities we headed home for some rest.  We intended to go back to Carnation for the big city fireworks show, but decided sitting at home with a private fireworks show sounded better.  Oh, and we went out to Thai for dinner.  We may have overdone the bbq'ing by the time we got to the 4th ;)

Whoever came up with the fireworks "backpack" is a genius.  I mean, really.

Fairy wands, i.e. sparklers are always a favorite of the girls, young and old:

The kids LOVED doing the fireworks in the backyard.  I loved not having to fight traffic and being steps from my bed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nan and Popalooza July '13

In a way, this has very much been the summer that would never end.  Nan and Pop made their annual July visit to see us, and managed to mix things up a bit.  They didn't even complain about the location change...

It doesn't hurt that we have moved to a land that is so incredibly alive.  In Utah, being in a desert, things left alone tend to whither and die.  Here in Washington, you turn your back for a second and a garden pops up.  It's incredible.

While they were here Nan, Pop, and Eric took the kids on some incredible adventures.  I'll let the pictures speak (mostly) for themselves:

One of my favorite pictures:

Yes, Amos is really into this pose right now:

Great sequence:

This picture completely helped me understand why Mag's came home naked and wrapped in a blanket:

Here's to the great outdoors!  (And a day off for me while they all explore them!)