Friday, June 7, 2013

Wardie months 5-9

When Ward was born my sister, Anna, gave me a set of those "month birthday" stickers that are all the rage right now (sometimes they're onesies, chalkboard signs, you know what I am talking about).  At the time, I didn't have the heart to tell her that her expectations for me* were probably way too high.  If I had know we'd be moving, I for sure would have known I didn't stand a chance of staying current. 

All is not lost though, the stickers did not go to waste...presenting Wardie and his stickers at 9 months:

Wardie is a great little guy.  His first tooth finally popped through on his 9 month birthday.  I swear the kid has been teething for 6 months over that one little tooth.  It's going to be a long road to the full set with this kid.  He sits up, worm crawls a lot, and is getting really good at those baby push-ups.

I did manage to move the paper from his 6 month check-up halfway across the country with me, so here are his sixth month stats:

Weight: 16 lb, 4 oz.
Length: 26.25 in
Head: 42.2 cm

The nurse didn't write down any percentages, but they were basically 25-50%.  Nothing of note in either direction.

Ward also had a 9 month check-up, but the doctor we went to didn't have any cute little papers with the info on it, so it's gone forever.  Again though, it was like 25-50%.  (For the record I had all four kids with me, we'd waited an hour, and there were no pediatrician-like amenities i.e. toys in the waiting room...I have never before considered walking out, but I was really, really close that day).

Anyway, Wardie is a healthy, happy boy, and we adore him.

Here's to hoping for month 10!

*Anna will totally have the energy to pull off the month pictures for her child.

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Kendra said...

Ha ha!!! I love all the stickers on him at once. That is awesome. I wanted to take monthly pictures next to something or in the same chair, but yeah right. I just can't remember to do that. Ward is adorable!