Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That One Summer Where we played Legos

The kids are finally into playing Legos!  No joke, we've been playing 3-4 hours a day.  Responsibilities are being shirked.  For the last few years I've been buying the kids the "bricks and more" sets, but things really took off when I bought them this set:

Once we had doctors, firefighters, farmers, and restaurant minifigures we needed a hospital, fire station, farm, and restaurant.  All of those "bricks and more" finally had a purpose!

The farm is my favorite thing we built, it's just so cute! (yes, Eric is completely worried about my inclinations towards 'cute' building):

I am most proud of the Costco food court I built, but it had a very short lifespan as Maggie's space people needed pizza on the moon ;)

Amos did so well building the minifigures and their accessories I decided he was ready for some real sets.  So, while he and Eric were away on a Father/Son campout (see below) the girls and I went to Target and picked him out some Legos.

Maggie picked him out a batman one and I picked him out a fire truck and fire helicopter.  He was always begging me to build him a helicopter, so I figured we'd go all official on it.

Of course, since it was girls' night, the girls and I also bought a couple Lego Friends' sets to do while the boys were camping.  The girls aren't quite into building yet, but they love playing with what I build.  They love talking in squeaky voices and rearranging the minifigures' body parts.

As I kid, I LOVED playing Legos.  We had a Lego table set up in our house where my sister, Kate, had the most pristine Lego City.  My table was a mish-mash of Pirates, Forestmen, Medieval castles, a beach house and one space set.  Eric also loved playing Legos as a kid, but the yahoo never built the sets!  He used his own imagination to build things.  Crazy, just crazy. 

A new development since I was a kid are the Minifigures series.  I admit, it's crazy buying those mystery bags, not knowing what you'll get, but we're totally sucked in.  The kids love buying those foil bags and get so excited to see which ones they'll get.  Thankfully, they're pretty non-discriminating on who/what they'll play with.  Duplicates/triplicates aren't a problem because then they all get one.

I think my favorite moment of all this Lego'ing was when I overheard Amos say to Maggie,

"What did mom say about playing with her Legos???"

I've been trying really hard to just let them play (even if it means pizza in outer-space and not at the Costco food court), but maybe I am not doing as well as I thought!


Kate said...

My favorite post yet! Can't wait for Leah and Drew and Luke to play with my Legos!

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