Sunday, June 2, 2013

I can't sleep, therefore I blog...

Though I've thoroughly enjoyed Audrey's "stupid face" post being at the top of the blog for over a week, it's probably time to move on. 

Truthfully, I write blog posts in my head all the time.  Unfortunately, they're not making it out of there.  This is such an incredible time for our family, I really don't want to be lose any of it, so here it goes:

Today Eric took the kids down to Duvall Days.  After the parade, the announcer announced a frog jumping contest.  Eric said he watched the wheels turning in Amos' head, and then saw the lightbulb go on.  Amos was super bugged that no one told him in advance about the contest, or he would have come prepared.  There is, indeed, a frog in our backyard perfect for a jumping contest.  Coincidentally, the same frog's croaking is keeping me awake right now.

The kids have completely come alive here.  They have adventures and roam the yard/barn/tree fort/big garage together like a little clan of tribespeople.

I know the kids are more active here, because Audrey has started my favorite thing ever..."closed eye snuggles."  Every afternoon she finds me, and we snuggle with our eyes closed.  It is such a precious time with her.

I searched long and hard for a preschool for Maggie.  It turns out preschool here costs more than my college tuition (not at all an exaggeration.  in. any. way.).  In theory, she needs more supervision than I did in college, but it's really putting Eric's "three things you never go cheap on" theory to the test (childcare, birth control, and sushi).

At one of the preschools we checked out, the teacher handed the kids a little cup of paint and a paintbrush and said,

"Go paint!"

After some confusion, the kids were super stoked to realize she really meant ANYWHERE.

And don't doubt for a second that I stepped right onto that purple step while the paint was still wet.

We had our first post-apartment visitors.  Grammy and Grampy came through on a great adventure and stopped long enough for us to go with them to Snoqualmie Falls.  My Dad has a gift of finding cool places to go see.  I've never told him that before, so now I'll just tell everyone.  

A six-year-old boy lives next door to us.  Amos is in absolute heaven.  They get along great.  I am just wishing he hadn't taught Amos how to "armpit fart."  Or that "armpit farting" even existed.  I guess I should just be glad I've kept him in the dark this long.

On the other side, our neighbors have a 14-year-old daughter.  Her prices are steep, but the built-in babysitter thing is really starting to work for me.

We have invested a small fortune in lightbulbs and rain boots.  Before the move to the northwest, I don't think I considered either thing.  Now, they're both entirely critical.

See the lightbulb on the right?  It cost $1 million. Totally worth it though.

Today, while folding laundry in my room (upstairs) I heard Maggie say,

"Come on doggy, come play in my room."

I thought, I really hope she's playing pretend, but I knew darn well she wasn't.  Introducing Lilly: our neighbor's dog.  In my bedroom. 

When she's not smuggling dogs, she's giving herself haircuts:

In case you're like Eric, and can't tell what's different, I'll give you the same hint I gave him: she didn't have bangs before.  The little stinker is actually pulling the hack job off, so she's still rocking it.

Amos got a professional haircut.  He hated that they spiked it up.  He's into smooth hair.

That about sums up the thoughts in my head for now.  I guess the final thing is that we're getting a new Internet provider this week.  It should greatly improve my quality of life and my desire to look at my computer.  That means good things for everyone ;)


Kate said...

Love love love the update. Missing you so much!

lizi said...

All those things are priceless. I love the closed eye snuggles and the dog in your bedroom. Levi always wants smooth hair too. Weird. He kids look great. Fun adventures.