Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dancing Through the Decades

(When I asked the kids to take that picture Amos said, "Girls, get over here, I am going to put my arms around you!"  I hope he's always so smooth.)

Last weekend our ward held a "Dancing through the Decades" family dance.  It was so fun!  Ward parties were one of my very most favorite things as a kid, and I hope it's no different for our kids.

The theme required you pick a decade, and then dress up like it.  I had grand plans for all of our costumes, but time got away from me, so I had to make do with what we had.

Audrey and Amos went 50s.  Anything with a twirly skirt works for Auds, and Amos was all about being a cool guy. 

Maggie went 80s prom night, and was thrilled getting to wear makeup. 

Wardie was supposed to go as the pink poodle to match Audrey, but I forgot it at the house.  Thankfully, his back-up onesie was hot orange, so he joined me and Maggie in the 80s.  Yep, it was a side ponytail and blue eyed shadow for me too. 

Eric, who does not love costumes, or dancing, pulled through and went as the 90s.  He looked great!  He also did a fantastic job of dancing with the girls.  That's true love right there.

Of course, it's not a Saturday in Duvall without a stop at Pickle Time, so we stopped there on the way to the party.

Our new ward might not be the biggest, but they sure do know how to bust a move!

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