Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Come on upstairs

In spite of a crazy turn of events this weekend, and being out until 11:30 p.m. resolving it last night, I have managed to photograph the upstairs rooms too! 

So, come on upstairs...

All of the bedrooms are upstairs, and I really like it.  Its nice to have the separation of living and rooming spaces.

The master bedroom, which seeing it now, I need to get all of those pictures leaning up against the wall actually onto the walls.  It isn't nearly as blah as it photographs...

And the master bathroom:

What's that hose sticking out of the tub you ask?  Well, when Eric looked at the house before we moved here, he almost didn't rent it because the master tub was broken.  The owners weren't going to fix it (because it would involve removing tile), and Eric knows I take my bath hobby seriously.  That man loves me.  We decided to rent the house anyway (because it would have been totally crazy not to!) and Eric managed to fix the tub for me =)  Did I mention that man loves me?  For the record, my idea was to get a rain gutter and run the water from the sink into the tub.  That would have been awesome.  So, although the hose is not pretty, it's awesome!  The tub fills in like 30 seconds.

The girls' room is more a nook than a room, but they don't seem to mind.  They love having their dolls, castles, and girly things all in one place.

Amos' room makes up for the lack of space in the girls' room.  His room is his playroom now, and I love it.  He's really good about managing his space, and for the most part keeps it really neat.  He got the biggest upgrade in my opinion.

We bought the red locker for his legos.  I told him he could keep his projects on top of it.  That's working out a little differently than I envisioned, but I'll get over it.  He loves it.

There is a great bathroom for the kids to share.  Having two sinks is nice.

And, finally, we have the guest room/Wardie's room: 

Makes you want to come visit, huh?

So, that's it for the house.  I'll give you a hint on our weekend disaster and my next post though...


Nana said...

Your pictures make it hard to wait for our July visit!

Watts Family said...

I love the house!! Where exactly is it in Washington. My mom's whole side of the family lives in Washington. So exciting for new houses. Do you just love it!