Sunday, June 2, 2013

A boy and his bike

The first day the movers were here moving us in, the front tire of Amos' bicycle came off one of the pallets right away.  Amos spent the rest of the time bugging the movers to find the rest of his bike so he could ride it...

Funny thing is, just before we left Utah we took off the training wheels in hopes of teaching him to ride without them, but never really got around to it.  It was high on the list of things to do once we got here.

So, I told the movers not to worry about finding the bike, since it was likely to be a disappointment to him when he couldn't ride it anyway.

Funnier thing is, the movers found it, put it back together for him and he hopped on and started to ride.  Just like that.

I think we're torn between relief from not having to teach him, and sadness from not getting to teach him.  Either way, he is one happy dude who loves riding his bike.

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