Sunday, June 9, 2013


I alluded to this before, and now I am ready to spill.  While this weekend's homecoming announcement was "we got chickens!" last weekend's was "THE GREEN CAR IS BROKEN!!!"

Indeed, the suburban was/is broken :(  Poor Eric spent all of his precious Saturday diagnosing and beginning to fix the problem.  He did find the problem, and can fix it, but it's going to take a lot of man-hours.  Although I had every intention of driving the suburban forever, with our move, lack of support system for suburban emergencies, and overall anxiety levels we decided it was time to get a new car.

So began the great debate of 2013.  I think part of the reason we never got anything new before is because we didn't know what we wanted/needed.  When we looked before, we always came back to the conclusion that there just isn't a car/suv/spaceship made to make having 4 kids in car seats easier.  Eric always knew he wanted another suburban, I just thought a minivan might make my life lots better...

We had to rent a car while the suburban was out of commission and it was a minivan.  Interestingly enough, it made my choice clear.

Introducing the Horne family car 2.0:

With 4 kids in car seats, we need absolutely as much space as we can possibly get. The minivan put them all way too close together.  And, trunk space.  Oh, the trunk space.

A couple trips to the "local" chevy dealers and we'd found our baby.  Sidenote: kids make negotiating so much harder! and they will be used against you.

Eric is still going to fix the green suburban, especially since he got called into the Young Men's presidency in our ward today.  The "deacon mobile" must ride again (only this time it will be the "teacher mobile," and they'll actually all fit in it).

So, no, a new state, a new house, and new lives weren't enough.  We needed a new car too :p

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Andrea said...

yay for new! hope you enjoy it!