Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stupid Face

Audrey has started saying "stupid face" all the time.  All. the. time.  I have no idea where she learned it, but it's hilarious.  She says it with all the conviction she can muster, and it's great.  Amos and Maggie wail and wail when she says it to them, and I have to try SO hard not to laugh.  She is so naughty, but so cute.  She'll get far in life.  (Don't tell her I said any of this).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

No sappy post from me, instead, what made me smile most this week...

Now, the backstory:

I bought Amos these bookends from Urban Outfitters (an obviously PG-13 rated store, not endorsing it, just the bookends) and with the receipt came a sheet of tattoos:

I didn't realize the kids knew how to apply tattoos, and I was shocked when Amos and Maggie came out of the bathroom with their arms COVERED.  In surprise I said,

"Oh my gosh, you're all tatted up!"

Amos didn't miss a beat...

"Yep! We're all tatted up!"

And, in honor of Mother's Day, my favorite one:


Of course I couldn't get them to come off, and all of the kids had to wear unseasonable long sleeved shirts to church today ;)  That's how we roll.

Moving In

Backtracking just a little here...

We moved into our house on Monday, April 29.  The Saturday before, my parents, Anna, and Iva were in town for a quick visit.  They were such a big help in getting two of the kids' bedrooms upstairs painted (from Seahawk green).  The rooms aren't big, but I severely underestimated how long it would take the paint to dry in this wet climate...I never could have gotten it done without their help.

My favorite pictures from their visit:

Wardie was all over Iva trying to get her bottle.  Foot to the face and all.  They're going to be such cute little cousins.  I hope they get the chance to be close.

When moving day rolled around, the kids and I left the apartment in Bellevue at 7 a.m. to be to the house before the movers arrived at 8.  We made it in plenty of time. Especially because they were 3 hours late.  Grrr. 

When they finally showed up, they had three trucks and 11 crates of our stuff.  It was shocking how much stuff just kept coming and coming of the trucks.  We really don't need that much stuff...

One of the first things off the truck was Wardie's bumbo...he sure missed it!

They unloaded into the house all day, until the place was completely overwhelmed.  Then they headed home, and we headed back to Bellevue for one last night in the apartment.

Mag's is an apartment dweller like her mama:

Having the apartment to go to was a huge blessing, because the house was totally unlivable at that point.  I spent a month longing for all of my stuff, and now that I had it all back, I just wanted it to all go away again!

The next morning the movers returned again with two trucks and 4 more crates.  Gah.  

The kids were really good during all of the moving in.  It was like one big picnic for them.

When the movers finally left, I set about trying to find all of our stuff.  Unpacking the boxes was like unwrapping Christmas presents wrapped by some seriously drunk elves.  Stuff was EVERYWHERE.  I found pieces of one lamp in three separate boxes.  Before that experience, I would have guessed lamps only came apart into two pieces...

The highlight of the unwrapping had to be when I unwrapped some very carefully wrapped rocks.  Like, from our yard.  I am sure one of the kids had brought them into the house.  The movers aren't allowed to judge our belongings, so we're now the proud owners of some Utah rocks in Washington.

When all was said and done over 500 "items" (boxes, pieces of furniture, etc.) were left for me to deal with.  No wonder I have been so exhausted.  It is good to know that it only takes about a week to reach a normal-ish level of living again.  And that's with four "helpers."

I should also mention that the Relief Society presidency from our ward stopped by after the movers left.  They arranged for the kids to be watched two afternoons, for dinners, and for help unpacking.  How amazing is that?  For me, that week, the Relief Society quite literally, moved a mountain.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life starts in Duvall

The view of our backyard from my kitchen window almost makes the lack of reliable Internet worth it. Almost.

We're settling in nicely into our new home.  I've unpacked all of the boxes in the house (just a few stragglers in the garage left), Eric is mastering his commute, and the kids are in heaven.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're alive!

We've moved into our next temporary home (1-2 years temporary). It's awesome and great, BUT there is no cellphone service, and our Internet won't be hooked up until Saturday. I am dying! Literally dying. I feel so cut off, it's scary.

Otherwise, we're doing very well. I am slowly chipping away at the mountain of boxes. The kids are making it exponentially more difficult, but that's life.

Hopefully by Saturday I'll have some presentable rooms for pictures, Internet, and the energy to post again. ;)