Monday, April 8, 2013

That One Week

Last week might go down as one of the wildest weeks of my life.  Ever.  Not wild, like spring break in Mexico wild, but wild like, I might be a grown-up now wild.  The movers arrived at 8 a.m. Monday morning, and the driver of the truck (a.k.a the boss) kept calling me "Mrs. Horne."  So incredibly respectful.  And weird.

Anyway, upon our first conversation he said things like "I'll get you all packed up and on your way today."  Nice, except the moving coordinator had them scheduled to move us for 5 days...and our flight wasn't until Saturday morning.  True to his word, they did have EVERYTHING in the house packed before noon.  It was incredible.  They moved lightning fast, and I tried to stay ahead of them, but it only barely worked.  I ended up with only the clothes in the dryer for myself =)  I did manage to get the kids clothes, but I only got 2/3 pillow pets and 2/3 blankies.  Whoops. 

Despite our best efforts to slow them down (see below), they had all of our stuff in the moving van by Tuesday afternoon.  Fun fact, the elliptical machine was last on. 


The movers were so great with the kids.  I know exactly how hard it is to do any job with those kids under foot, and they were so patient about it all.  Right before they left, they let the kids check out the cab of the truck:

Amos thought having a bed in your car would be pretty neat.

After the movers left we found ourselves in a very empty house seriously lacking basic necessities.  I can't even tell you how many times I opened a drawer to get something out only to remember they were ALL empty.  They didn't miss a thing.

Thankfully, we have great friends who lent us everything we needed, cooked for us, let us sit on their furniture, and kept us company.  This is where I realized the movers finishing up early was a huge blessing.  They gave us three days to just hang out and enjoy our friends with absolutely no responsibilities.  There aren't many times in life you get that.  Maybe not ever again.

I tend to leave out names, specifics, etc. about people for their privacy, but I am going to ignore that right now and say how very grateful we are for, and how very much we love the Browns, Chapmans, and Warners.  They have been dear friends, and will continue to be, even if we're a little further apart now.

Our gifted time also gave me time to clean up around the house, fill nail holes, touch up paint, etc.  I would have been incomplete without that one last trip to Home Depot...

Friday afternoon they came and got the cars (the little trailer is to get it to the big transport truck).  Then, we were really stranded and reliant on others.  We took a final picture on the front porch, and then for whatever reason, the kids went and sat by the side of the road to wait for Alisha to come get us.  We had one last dinner at the Chapmans, and then Alisha drove us to the hotel by the airport (so we could just take the shuttle in the morning). 

Last shot of the house:

Yep, the star stayed.  It's like it was made for that spot.

One fun hotel night, one quick flight, and we were in Washington with Dada again!  Our apartment is in Downtown Bellevue (above a Safeway)!  That's our window, with the kids in it...

And the view from one of our windows:

That brown building is a mall.  Enough said.

This past weekend is kind of a blur...there was a spa appointment to reward me for making it, a little general conference (I am really going to have to read the May Ensign), training on how to buzz up the pizza guy, a huge long nap, and apartment etiquette lessons (that are really not sticking! kids!). 

More on our adjustment to urban life to come...


Kate said...

Amazing!!! I love it.

Adam & Samantha said...

I'm in awe!! How on earth did you do that alone, with four kids??? I would be stressed with one!