Monday, April 15, 2013

Grrr/Everyone to your corners

We've hit a bit of a rough patch in our glorious city living.  I love my children, etc., etc., but gosh, it seems like this might be a lot more enjoyable without them.  They are so not equipped for this.  They are seriously lacking indoor voices, for instance.

Going to the park has been a much needed outlet for us.  Unfortunately, two days in a row, someone has had a "catastrophe" the minute we get to the park and we've had to seriously shorten our park time.  Yesterday, Amos bonked his head and couldn't get over it, and today Maggie soaked herself in the fountain and claimed to be dying of cold.  Both occasions left the other two furious, because they wanted to be at the park (since we'd just gotten there and all).  Add on a mother who just cannot fake sympathy for them as they experience the natural consequences of their actions she repeatedly warned them about, and it's not pretty.

Silver lining: Being mad at Maggie for making us all go home did make Amos and Audrey BFFs:

Anyway, today, as I was complaining to my sisters about life, Anna told me to try some alone time.  Duh!  Like I said before, our apartment has plenty of room.  I was waiting for the kids to choose to utilize it.  BIG mistake.  I realized they've been on top of each other from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day and it just wasn't working.

So, when we got home from the park I put them each in a room by themselves.  Glorious!  The girls both seemed so relieved.  Amos didn't like it much, but he never wants to be alone, EVER.  I told them they weren't in trouble, and they could have any of their toys they wanted, we just all needed a break from each other.  It was so nice, and I had an hour and a half of quiet.  They have been so much better since too.

Poor Wardie finally got a break too...his naps have been seriously hindered by the loudness in our apartment and he has been so cranky!  Bless him, he just slept for three hours.

Two weeks to go...


Kate said...

I love the Audrey Amos alliance!

The Brown's said...

I totally tried this, it was awesome. Sometimes they just need a break from each other....and I from them:)

p.s. we still miss you.