Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dada's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Eric's birthday.  It was very low key, but nice. 

On Friday, I told the kids we'd go to the store to get the stuff to make a cake for Eric the next day.  When Saturday rolled around, Eric told the kids he wanted to go on an adventure in the mountains.  Maggie said,

"But what about going to the store to get stuff to..." (mumble, mumble, trail off)

When Eric asked her what she meant, she said,

"I mean, I want to go to the mountains!" 

The she came over and whispered to me about going to the store for cake.  I assured her we would go after the mountains.

After the mountain adventure, the kids and I went to the store and picked out a cake and supplies to decorate it for Eric.  The kids were SO sneaky.  Obviously, Eric knew what we were doing, but they thought they were tricking him and it was so cute.  As we were mixing it, Eric came into the kitchen and said, what's that?  The kids (scary fast) concocted a story that it was sauce for chicken.  While it baked, Maggie said,

"That sauce sure smells good!"

They spent the rest of the day talking about chicken and sauce.  They didn't even buckle when Eric told them he didn't want sauce, but he wanted cake.

As for the activity for the day, we went to the Space Needle.  Eric and I went on one of our previous trips here, and we noticed that people like to leave notes on the window, and as you rotate around you get all different notes and can leave your own.  We knew the kids would think that was pretty fun.

So, post-its in hand, we headed to lunch.

Sure enough, the kids loved the note "passing."

And a special dessert for the birthday boy:

Also a big hit with the kids.

Wardie was there too.  He didn't pass any notes, but he might have eaten a few:

After lunch we headed up to the observation deck.  Eric was oddly absent during this part.  I think his old age is making him a scaredy cat ;)

Truthfully, the kids and I didn't last up there long either.  It's high!

It was a good day, and hopefully Eric/Dada knows that we love him.

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