Tuesday, April 9, 2013

City Slickers

We're adapting well to life in the city...I have always wanted to live in an apartment downtown.  Eric promised he would make it happen, I just thought it would be once the kids were grown and gone.

It's a bit of an adjustment, mostly because our kids are used to being hooligans, and Amos considers the world his parkour course.  I am sure our downstairs neighbors must love us.  The apartment is huge, with plenty of room (as was our house) but the kids insist on being in the same 2 square feet of space as each other.  It is so bizarre.  They drive each other insane, but will not remove themselves from the situation.  We have three large bedrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a living area, and they will all be in one walk-in closet fighting.  Ridiculous mostly.  Sorry, tangent over.


Like I said before, we live above a Safeway.  It's proving quite convenient.  Today the kids wanted chicken nuggets for lunch, but I didn't have any bbq sauce (critical).  So, we put Wardie in the stroller, went down the elevator, walked around the corner, bought some bbq sauce and then returned to our lunch.  Nice.  I could seriously get used to that.

Operation BBQ sauce:

The kids really love using the trash chute and checking the mail now.  I'll spare you the picture of the trash chute, but here's the mailbox:

Again, just a short elevator ride away.

And, yes, they fight over who gets to push the buttons.  Every. single. time.

Wardie and his stroller make a very nice shopping cart and the baby jogger is once again proving it's worth. I now understand why you see so many designer strollers in big cities.  It's almost not an option.


Megs Shaver said...

more and more jealous of you. Looks awesome!!! So happy for you guys!

lizi said...

Looks like a great time. Would love to live above a grocery store.