Friday, March 22, 2013

New Fantasyland

Like I said before, 'New' Fantasyland was really cool.  I am a total sucker for "It's a Small World" and "Peter Pan's Flight," but the new Little Mermaid ride was sure shiny and bright.  Clearly more modern.

The boys on Ariel, I think Amos was just glad to sit down for a rest:

And the thing at Belle's house, WOW!  I loved it.  It might have something to do with Amos getting to play the Beast, but I was smitten.  They pick kids out of the crowd to interact with a real Belle in a cute little skit.  Amos got chosen to be the Beast (the upside of having a little sister that made you go on the ride in the first place).  He was SO brave.  He growled at Belle like a pro.  And, then, he danced with her!  My mommy heart skipped some beats.

The girls got to be "laughing portraits" in the skit.  Maggie actually got it, and was hysterical.  Audrey was totally clueless, but just glad to not be left out.

This is the perfect example of one thing I noticed...there is so much more character interaction than I remember from before.  Maybe it was there, and we just didn't stand in line, but these days you can see just about anyone you want.

There is more stuff going on/in at Fantasyland (like a rollercoaster?), we'll just have to go back and check it out.

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Kendra said...

I love that Amos was the beast and growled and danced with Belle. SO cute!