Friday, March 22, 2013

Animal Kingdom, pt 2

The best thing, by far, at the AK is the safari through their preserves.  It was awesome to see all the animals.

Another highlight of the AK was the Lion King show.  Really cool.  I didn't get any pictures from that, but this is nap time at the stroller parking for it:

I would imagine, this water ride is probably a huge hit in the summer...for our purposes, the only person I could get to go on it with me was Maggie.  She was a great little companion though, and loved it.  She said, "awwwww" every time the water didn't get us.

We did come off totally soaked.  We dried fast.  These guys might be dry, but they missed out:

At about 4 p.m., after we explored the whole park, we came across a little "kids club" activity station where the kids could do different activities, learn different things, and then earn stamps.  Ideal and super fun if you do it as you go.  Not ideal when backtracking through the entire park.  There are few things I hate less than incomplete sets though, so backtrack we did.

We earned those stamps, darn it!

I could probably go on to part 3 about the Animal Kingdom, but I'll spare you.  Instead, I'll leave you with this:

As usual, Wardie was there.

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Kate said...

What a great trip! Wish we would have been along. Your kids are lucky dogs!