Friday, March 22, 2013

Animal Kingdom, pt 1

Animal Kingdom was a first for all of us.  I think it was just being built about the time I was aging out of Disney.  We had a really good time there, though I think the it will continue to get better as the kids get a bit older.

We started out with the "Bug's Life" show...and it produced my most favorite picture of ever:

3-d glasses were a huge struggle for Auds everywhere we went, and it never got any less funny to me. 

For lunch, we accidentally stumbled into a character dining experience.  We were just tired and hungry and wanting to sit worked out really great though.  I would highly recommend doing it at least once on your trip (in any of the parks, I am sure they're all the same).

Audrey was the only one brave enough to go see Donald Duck outside...

But the other kids were on board as soon as we were inside...

Amos, for some reason was super fixated on Goofy.  He could not wait for him to come.  He refused to go to the bathroom for fear that he might miss him.  He was also really concerned why Pluto wasn't there.  Which, I had no idea he would even know who Pluto was.  When I couldn't give him a proper explanation he said,

"I bet he's getting ready for the parade."

Ok, sure.  Fast forward to the parade:

Sure enough.

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