Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unfortunately, we live here.

Today was the first day I really had it in my mind, if our realtor called, what would a prospective buyer find at our house in an hour?

I thought that thought a lot during the day, and it was rough. 

I've often considered a "disaster of the day" series for my blog, because, well, there is a disaster at our house.  Every. Single. Day. The three amigos are constantly doing weird and bizarre things, that usually result in a big mess.

Today, it happened to be a sink left running.  I won't even say which kid, since it could have been any of them.  The result was drawers with about two inches of water sitting in them.  And some soggy toiletries. 

In the end, the bathroom ended up much cleaner than it was to begin with and lots of really old stuff got tossed.

All's well that ends well, right?

Just in case, I moved the kids out to the deck for the duration of the home selling process.


Kate said...

I love it!! I almost believe that they are going to live on the deck ; )

lizi said...

Love the sleeping bags on the deck. Hope it warms up soon.

Kendra said...

You're hilarious.