Thursday, February 21, 2013

The key

Another day on the market down. We had a meager 4 showings today :p

Seriously though, somebody better put their money where their eyes are soon, because I don't know how long the kids and I can sustain this schedule.

In related news, we got house keys today! We have never had house keys (and never cared to), but it seems to be something that might matter to other people. So, we give the people what they want.

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Kendra said...

That's awesome you've had so many showings. I'm not really surprised though. Your home is great! I can't imagine how obnoxious that must be though to leave for every one. Wow. And please explain this house key thing. What do you mean you've never had a house key? Do you just leave your house unlocked? Have a coded key pad? Enter through your garage? Very confused. But let's be honest...I haven't been able to find mine for the past 2 weeks (thank you Owen) so I'm not one to talk! ;)