Monday, February 18, 2013

House for Sale!

I've already dropped the bomb on Facebook, but in case you're not on there, we're moving! 

Eric would say, "I've accepted a position..."  But I say, "Eric got a dope new job!" 

As you're probably tired of hearing, Seattle is our city.  I briefly glossed over our trip to Seattle in January, here, as it was not time to tell yet.  But, starting in March, Eric will be working for Amazon, in downtown Seattle.  See, DOPE! 

Right now, we're very torn between doing the work required to move us and our entourage to another state, and doing all of the things we love in Utah one last time.  Turns out, when it actually comes down to leaving Utah, I am MUCH sadder than I ever thought I'd be.  Against all odds, I've fallen for this place.

I hope to document this whole process, because I am sure it's going to be a circus, but for now, I'll leave you with this...

You know you want to live here ;)


Kendra said...

We are so sad to see you go! I'm happy and excited for you guys though. I totally told Miles that you would be sad about leaving. He said, "Why?" But I know you've really built a life you like here. And you guys worked so hard on your home too. Which, if it weren't south rather than north, I would totally want to buy! Dang it!

Stephanie Walton said...

Congratulations Laura! Scott and I saw Eric's post on FB a few days ago. That is big news!! I was so excited to see it was to Seattle too! That's your place!!
I'm sad that if/when I ever get to go back to Utah to visit, one of our favorites one be there anymore, but now we have a good excuse to visit Seattle! My mom's from there but we don't have much family there anymore so it's kind of off the charts for us at least- but not any more! ;) Good luck with all the packing and moving and saying good bye etc and know that you are always welcome to visit us in the warmth of Galveston! Love you guys!