Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Everyone likes a pretty girl

Today was the house's first official day on the market, and boy, did she have a full dance card.  We had five showings! 

I have to say, I feel so unbelievably blessed with how smoothly everything went.  There were a few kinks, but that's inevitable. 

I let the first family to look in, and they had two boys, just about Amos' age.  When I saw them, I thought, "oh my gosh! they would love it here."  I didn't say it out loud, but I should have, because I am sure of it.  I am grateful that we have taken such good care of our house, and have filled it with so much fun and love, that we can proudly pass it on.

I also felt pretty dang good when I heard six "wows!" in the time it took me to get out the back door.  One was even from their Realtor. 

Yesterday morning Amos woke us all up at 5 a.m. singing, "I can't find the sunrise," because it was totally still dark!  This morning, he woke us up telling Maggie she had to clean up so that coach could come (Amos' t-ball and soccer coach is our Realtor). 

Maybe in Seattle the kids will learn to sleep in...

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lizi said...

They'll probably all get SAD and sleep all day. Maybe the best thing that could happen to a mom :)

Glad your house has had so many showings. Hope it sells at just the right time.