Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who did that???

Today during Mag's preschool Amos and I pulled out the Valentine's Day decorations.  I swear I used to have way cuter stuff.  Amos and I struggled to make it work, but finally settled on a layout.  All we needed were some flowers from costco.

So...we went to get Maggie from preschool, hit up costco for some flowers, and then headed home.  When we got home, the kids ran into the house ahead of me.  I heard their screaming about the time I noticed shattered pink glass all over the kitchen floor.  A picture I'd propped up on a couple of nails on the wall fell and demolished the whole thing.  So now I have flowers and no vases.

It's a good thing Eric's response was: "I'll guess you'll have to go to Target tonight."  =)  He loves me.

And, Mags just because she's cute (and her shirt is awesome):


Megs Shaver said...

Yes!!! Mags shirt! Love it. Don't love the shattered glass but a trip to target is always welcomed! :)

Annie H. said...

What a good husband -- "I guess you'll have to go to Target tonight." You are blessed :)