Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night at dinner Maggie was talking about how she wanted to be a mom.  (She often talks about wanting to be a mom-so cool, I never ever had that desire.  Sometimes I still don't =P) 

Eric asked if she knew all the things she'd need to do to get ready to be a mom.  When he got to getting married she was TOTALLY disgusted.  It was so funny.  Amos, seeing she was anxious, said, "I'll marry you Maggie!"

Eric and I got a pretty good giggle, then Eric told Amos is was really important that he marry a nice girl.  Amos looked at Maggie and said, "But, she is nice!"

So sweet!  I know, totally weird and someday it'll make him want to puke, but it's nice to know that he loves Maggie. 


lizi said...

So sweet. Morgan and Levi are getting married too so maybe they can all live together.

Kendra said...

That is super cute. All around cuteness. I love your kids. :)

Kate said...

I love it! What angels!

Andrea said...