Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Pregnant Pause...

...or NOT!

It seems like every January I disappear, only to resurface sometime in March announcing I am pregnant.  Not this year ;)

So far this year I have been busy flying coast to coast on the weekends.  My first trip was Seattle with Eric.  It was amazing.  Seattle is OUR city, and it's always nice to be there.  Anna was amazing to come down and watch the kids.  I missed them like crazy, but I knew they were having so much fun.

Last weekend Wardie and I went to Delaware to meet my newest nephew, Luke!  He is so dang cute.  I loved being with the Sookhoos, and can't believe I didn't see them once in 2012.  I knew it was a down year.  We vowed to never let it go that long again.

The boy cousins were so cute together, and coincidentally owned matching jammies:

While we were there, Eric's sister,Laurie was nice enough to time her surprise 60th birthday party for Nan and Pop Horne, so we got to go to that too.  

Wardie is a total traveling champ.  He's now completed 7 flights, all of which were in first class.  Homeboy rolls fancy =P 

This post would be incomplete without a shout out to Delta, and particularly SLC Delta.  Circumstances beyond my control had my feet hitting the curb at the Salt Lake airport with 25 minutes until my flight was to depart.  I'd anxiously watched my Delta app on my phone in the car, and knew my plane had been boarding for almost 20 minutes before I even got to the airport. Not only did Delta take care of me, my bag made it too!  It was no small miracle. 

I'm grounded now for a bit, I'm looking forward to the time at home.


Kate said...

Love it!!! Thanks so much for coming to visit!

deveney said...

Number one: You look great in that picture, number two: SUPER jealous of all your first class flights! I have flown first class once and it was heaven, wishing I could always fly first class like mr. ward and wishing I could come and meet him(and all the other new babies in Utah) soon!

Kendra said...

I agree with everything Dev said, so consider her repeated. Also, you are DANG lucky you and your luggage made it. But the SLC airport really is fabulous. I have decided I am spoiled by always flying out of there because so many other airports are awful! Phoenix and Oakland are two we fly into regularly and I promise you - nether would have been able to handle an arrival that late to departure time. you remember the good ole days when you could get there 20 min before your flight and just book it to the gate and still make it? Ah,,.so nice (and stressful).

Annie H. said...

Thanks for flying Delta and supporting me and my husband!! :) Maybe he was the one to make sure your bags made it -- he's pretty awesome like that :)

Laura Horne said...

Annie, it wouldn't surprise me if Hot Toddy were involved ;) Delta at SLC is ALWAYS so good to us.

And, Kendra, I couldn't agree more...SLC is the best airport. Philadelphia is horrible, we always dread getting out of there.

Dev, you definitely need to come visit soon...though I might recommend waiting until Utah is not pleasant around here now. Especially with what you're used to.