Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night at dinner Maggie was talking about how she wanted to be a mom.  (She often talks about wanting to be a mom-so cool, I never ever had that desire.  Sometimes I still don't =P) 

Eric asked if she knew all the things she'd need to do to get ready to be a mom.  When he got to getting married she was TOTALLY disgusted.  It was so funny.  Amos, seeing she was anxious, said, "I'll marry you Maggie!"

Eric and I got a pretty good giggle, then Eric told Amos is was really important that he marry a nice girl.  Amos looked at Maggie and said, "But, she is nice!"

So sweet!  I know, totally weird and someday it'll make him want to puke, but it's nice to know that he loves Maggie. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tummy time

It's really no wonder that Wardie loves tummy time more than any of his siblings ever did. He always has company!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Tonight the boys went camping, so the girls and I are "glam"ping at home.

If you can call it that, it's more like "bag lady"-ing. 

My boys

Amos takes Ward with him wherever he goes these days. I often find them snuggled up together, usually surrounded by a pile of rescuebots.

Tonight Amos is going on a campout, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I found him and Ward playing campout this afternoon. They were in the bathroom with all of the lights out with a flashlight. Ward was carefully propped up on a pillow pet and Amos was telling him stories.

I adore these two.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who did that???

Today during Mag's preschool Amos and I pulled out the Valentine's Day decorations.  I swear I used to have way cuter stuff.  Amos and I struggled to make it work, but finally settled on a layout.  All we needed were some flowers from costco.

So...we went to get Maggie from preschool, hit up costco for some flowers, and then headed home.  When we got home, the kids ran into the house ahead of me.  I heard their screaming about the time I noticed shattered pink glass all over the kitchen floor.  A picture I'd propped up on a couple of nails on the wall fell and demolished the whole thing.  So now I have flowers and no vases.

It's a good thing Eric's response was: "I'll guess you'll have to go to Target tonight."  =)  He loves me.

And, Mags just because she's cute (and her shirt is awesome):

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Pregnant Pause...

...or NOT!

It seems like every January I disappear, only to resurface sometime in March announcing I am pregnant.  Not this year ;)

So far this year I have been busy flying coast to coast on the weekends.  My first trip was Seattle with Eric.  It was amazing.  Seattle is OUR city, and it's always nice to be there.  Anna was amazing to come down and watch the kids.  I missed them like crazy, but I knew they were having so much fun.

Last weekend Wardie and I went to Delaware to meet my newest nephew, Luke!  He is so dang cute.  I loved being with the Sookhoos, and can't believe I didn't see them once in 2012.  I knew it was a down year.  We vowed to never let it go that long again.

The boy cousins were so cute together, and coincidentally owned matching jammies:

While we were there, Eric's sister,Laurie was nice enough to time her surprise 60th birthday party for Nan and Pop Horne, so we got to go to that too.  

Wardie is a total traveling champ.  He's now completed 7 flights, all of which were in first class.  Homeboy rolls fancy =P 

This post would be incomplete without a shout out to Delta, and particularly SLC Delta.  Circumstances beyond my control had my feet hitting the curb at the Salt Lake airport with 25 minutes until my flight was to depart.  I'd anxiously watched my Delta app on my phone in the car, and knew my plane had been boarding for almost 20 minutes before I even got to the airport. Not only did Delta take care of me, my bag made it too!  It was no small miracle. 

I'm grounded now for a bit, I'm looking forward to the time at home.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today I was released from the Young Women presidency in our ward. I spent yesterday afternoon doing one last project for the girls. It was a sweet time to reflect on my 3+ years in the presidency. I will miss it, but thankfully I have a 14-15 year old Sunday School class to spend my energies on now.

Here's to the next chapter...

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Nan and Pop got Amos a magic kit for Christmas, and I have to admit, I did not get it until he started putting on shows:

He is hilarious, I could watch him perform all day long. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ward at 4 months

Somewhere in the crazy that was December, Wardie turned 4 months old!  He is an incredibly handsome, happy little guy. 

A couple nights ago, he was laying on the floor on his back in the living room, and the rest of us were around the corner in the library.  He started to cry, so Eric peeked around to check on him and was surprised to see him on his stomach!  He had rolled over.  We all clapped and cheered and danced around proudly.  Well, the next day Amos went to Eric and "confessed" that he had rolled him over for tummy time.  According to Amos, we were all so happy and excited he didn't want to ruin it for us.  So, no, Ward isn't rolling over yet.  Why learn when you have someone else to do it for you?

*courtesy of Nan and Pop (the smile and the photo)

Ward still loves to be swaddled.  I am serious, he demands it.  This morning Eric called him a snuggle monkey, and that pretty much sums it up.  He loves to be comfy cozy in his swing.

The jury is still out on who Ward looks like, though most think Maggie.  His eyes are brown, and it seems like they might stay that way.  That's new for us. 

Ward is continuing to grow well, though he's still on the runty side:

Weight: 12 lbs, 9 oz (5%)
Height: 24 in. (10%)
Head: 39.8 cm (7%)

As you might remember, his height was in the 2% last check-up.  His skyrocketing to the 10% gives me hope that I might get to be a basketball mom after all ;)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

What a way to start the new blog book.  Volume 6, by the way.  Incredible.

Anyway, you can't tell it, but that is a picture of Amos and Ward in the stroller.  On a whim, er, to appease Amos who wanted to sit on the top, we switched Ward and Amos' seats on the stroller.  That was the outcome.  Amos was certain Wardie grabbing his feet was a sure sign that he liked it.

New year, new way to ride.