Monday, December 24, 2012

We went on a trip.

Yep, first free time in weeks!  Christmas Eve afternoon, who would have thought it?  Anyway, onto the good stuff...

Back in November we had the amazing chance to go visit my parents in the Dominican Republic, where they are serving a full time mission for our church.  We always knew we wanted to visit them on their mission, but we also knew a Horne baby would be in the making/a newborn for most of their 18 months away.  We also knew we had three other little kids to consider when making travel plans.  Lots of people tried to talk us out of taking them/thought it was crazy, but I knew I wanted this to be something I did with my whole family.  Plus, I am married to Eric and he can making anything happen.

Long story short, we did haul them all and it was worth every extra potty break (and there were so, so many).  I know my trip wouldn't have been the trip it was supposed to be if each of my kids hadn't been there.  I can't wait to tell them the stories and show them the pictures of THEIR experiences with Eric and me.  Yes, they might not remember, but I can't remember what I did last week, so if that's the rule then I should never go anywhere either.

Traveling with four children 5 & under does require some extra thought and preparation.  We started with this:

Eric made an awesome spot with printouts of our travel gear so we could consider all possible scenarios.  Our biggest problem was moving stuff and tiny people.  We had 8 free checked bags, but in no world that I know of could we possibly move that many bags.  So, we decided on two rolling suitcases, 5 backpacks (everyone but Ward hauled their own), 2 carseats, and the stroller (with stroller bag).  Other items included the bjorn, collapsible diaper bag, and adapters for the stroller.

This is the stroller bag all set up with the stroller in it:

Crazy, right?  Thankfully, it folds down tiny until you're ready to use it (at the gate) and then it's Delta's job to move it ;) 

Here we are checking in at the gate, most of the stuff is visible (only one backpack is missing, it was probably on my back):

Not bad for a family of 6!  

So, that's the nitty gritty of moving people/stuff.  I am pretty sure we have it down to a fine art.  Seriously, I could write a book.

Final thought, make sure your kids are extra cute so the flight attendants really like them ;)


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Kendra said...

I'm excited to hear more about your trip. And I'm completely amazed with you traveling with all your kids and such a small amount of luggage. Incredible. Just for Christmas and our two kids, we had two big suitcases, one small, a laptop bag, a diaper bag, a backpack and two car seats. We would have taken a stroller too if we'd had room in our car. I should learn to minimize. :)