Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas finally came

We had an INCREDIBLE Christmas season, I am so very sad to see it go.  The culmination, of course, was Christmas morning.  First though, came Christmas Eve.  A family tradition (for everyone in the entire world, I think), new jammies:

Cookies and milk left out for Santa:

And a sibling sleepover.  My most favorite of all childhood Christmas memories:

After a fairly long night's rest, we were up and at 'em the next day.  The kids flew by the mountain of presents to see if Santa had come and eaten their cookies.  Of course he had.

The plate is red and my kids can't read, what?

Their stockings were a hit.

Amos has a bunny from Easter that is his bunny.  He is so attached to it.  We even hauled it through the Dominican Republic.  I am kind of curious to see how things play out now that there is competition.

The present opening was so fun.  The kids had really easy "wants" this year, so they were easy to please.  All Amos wanted was Blades and Optimus Prime (rescuebots/transformers).  Maggie wanted a pink castle and Audrey wanted a "baby." 

In case you're still unclear on "rescuebots":

Black Friday really made it easy on us this year.  Our shopping was done in one night at Target.

Ok, maybe not all in one night.  Costco had a mini cooper that was to die for.  Add in that Grammy Cindy drives a mini, and Maggie wants to drive herself to school on the sidewalks, and well, I'm sold:

We might have driven it around in the house for a bit:

Eventually we set the kids loose on the open road:



Kate said...

Love the mini!!!! What a great Christmas!!!

lizi said...

I've been eyeing that mini. I'm glad someone got it. Looks great but please don't bring any rescue bots here, we haven't heard of those

Megs Shaver said...

Love the mini coop!!! My heart might be partial. And I love that they all slept together! That was one of my favorite things!

Nana said...

Loved being there and seeing all the excitement!