Friday, December 28, 2012

Casa; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Wardie's Blessing

This is a little out of order chronologically, but I just couldn't wait to get to it.  One of the main reasons I was able to justify bringing all of the family to the Dominican Republic with us was that we blessed Ward while we were there.  Can't leave him at home if he's getting blessed ;) 

It was an incredible day.  Shawn and Anna arrived late the night before, so they were able to be there too.  We all went to the Temple in the morning (sans the 5 & under crowd who stayed with some sweet teachers from the MTC).  It was so special to do a session as a family before the blessing.  We also did the work for my Grandpa Young, so even he was there with us.

President Glazier, the MTC president, and our faithful chauffeur, came and oversaw the blessing and stood in the circle with Eric, Shawn, and my Dad.

How we adore this boy, I really cannot explain what a special blessing it was. 

The peanut gallery:

Since we were all dressed and ready after the blessing we went to the Temple to take some pictures.

This was as good as we got, thank you Audrey:

She really was in a mood:

At least Iva cooperates:

Ward is named after my Dad (Rodger Ward) and his Dad (Ward Allison, I am Laura Allison, in case you were wondering).  Ward Allison was married to Margaret, who we named our Maggie after.  We're all sorts of naming inbred.

Pretty Grammy:

On our way to the Temple, we ran into a group of missionaries from Haiti who were in the MTC while we were there.  They were kind of confused by us and our baby in a dress, but they understood when I told them that I wanted my sons to be like them.  We had been to church with them on Sunday, and they bore such incredible testimonies. 

We also found some sisters for Maggie and Audrey:

They were not from Haiti ;)

So, Ward is blessed, and I didn't even have to throw a brunch.


Kendra said...

It sounds like it was such a special day. And I'm so happy that he wore a blessing gown! I feel like everyone always made fun of me for putting Owen in one. And why weren't we invited? We would have come to the DR. ;) But really - what a beautiful day for you guys!

Kate said...

Love it! I had no idea you did Grandpa Young's work - that's awesome! And what sweet spiritual experience. I am so glad you got to do that.

Laura Horne said...

Dresses on boys are cool ;) And I totally loved being off the hook for invitations-and no one hurt my feelings by not coming =P

Annie H. said...

I just love how each of your kids are named after someone in your family! It's pretty awesome that you blessed Ward on your parents' mission, too. Love!