Monday, December 24, 2012

Barcelo; Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. Part II

Although the beach was the biggest novelty for us, the pools proved the most attractive.  We found the perfect little pool with a slide, chairs in the shade, and bar access (for Shirley Temples, of course).

We all had a good time on the slide, and found many creative ways to use it:

We joked a lot about getting a nanny when we got to the DR, little did we know we would get 75 of them one afternoon.  A school from Santo Domingo was on a field trip to Barcelo to learn about the tourism industry and they got some free time in our pool at the end of the day.  We could tell they were pretty curious about us, and once Grammy started talking to them in Spanish their excitement couldn't be contained.  They ADORED the girls.  They carried them around and treated them like little dolls:

They must have taken them on the slide like a million times, and I was so grateful for that!

Of all the kids though, it was Wardie that I dubbed "Baby Brad Pitt."  It was wild to see groups gather around oohing and aahing over him.  I mean, he's cute and all, but they acted like he was a celebrity.

One thing they did not like though, was that we swaddled him.  Everywhere we went everyone tried to unwrap him.

We all got used to Shirley Temples and lounging by the pool while at Barcelo, but things got really good when we headed to Santo Domingo...


Kendra said...

I love these updates. So funny Amos liked the all inclusive "free" stuff. :) That's interesting that everyone wanted to unswaddle Ward. I bet having all those nannies was awesome! Also, did you bring floaties or was that part of the "all inclusive"?

Laura Horne said...

The floaties are ours, purchased at Walgreens.