Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tough Guy at 3 Months

Wardie is my tough guy.  He turns three months old today, and he's already been through so much.  The kid got a gash on his cheek that left a scar during delivery for crying out loud. 

Lately, he's started giving us big smiles, and they're unbelievably heartwarming.

The kids still adore him...quite often when I leave him in his swing to go to another part of the house I hear,

"Mom, guess who's coming too???"

and then I see Amos carrying Ward wherever we're going to. 

I probably shouldn't admit to this one, but it's pretty classic...

This morning I woke up, half an hour after Ward usually wakes me up.  I was a little worried that he wasn't making any noise, so I went right in to check on him.  Except, he was not in his bed.  At. All.  I wasn't scared, my first thought was,

"Did I put him to bed somewhere else last night?" 

I am losing it.  A quick walk down the hall to the living room found Amos playing quietly next to Ward, who was happily swinging away, tucked in with a one of a kind lion gygi

Last week Ward got himself a belly button.  He was born with an umbilical hernia, that in the words of the surgeon, was "grotesque."  Generally, they wait a year or two to do anything about an umbilical hernia, but apparently grotesqueness qualifies you for immediate resolution.  Ward was a great little patient, and his recovery has been smooth.



His was a total hit with the nurses, and not many people can claim they have a "man made" belly button.

That's about it, so here's my tough guy at three months:

Who would put those silly glasses on him, you might ask?



Kate said...

He's gorgeous!

Anna said...

Could you choose for his man made belly button to be an inny or an outey? And he is so cute. Can't wait to see him soon.