Saturday, November 24, 2012

November in a Nutshell

I was just noticing the pathetic number of posts I've made this month, and it made me sad.  I've chalked it up to 2 things:

1. My laptop functions at a tortoise pace, and it's hard to do much of anything on it. 

2.  I have been deathly ill.  Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but there was a bit there where I was totally incapacitated.  I think it's like my annual November "thing."

Enough of the excuses.  I hate them.  Between the fever and chills we've managed to stay pretty busy.  Amos and Maggie are still loving preschool.  They both had parent/teacher conferences and got good reviews. 

Ward is a growing boy, and Amos is his best bud.  I moved Ward into Amos' room, and it's actually going ok.  I was a little worried that Amos might have a hard time leaving Ward alone, but once I realized that was true no matter what room I put Ward in, the decision was easier. 

Eric was gone for what felt like forever.  In reality, I think it was just a (full) week.  Wait...that's totally #3:

3. Being a single mom.

While Eric was gone Audrey got totally used to sleeping with me.  Whoops.  Speaking of Audrey, I think she might be the most "two" two-year-old ever.  The girl is STUBBORN.  With some more STUBBORN on top.  Home girl is a handful, it's hard not to laugh it's so ridiculous. 

Not that November is over or anything, but it might as well be.

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