Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Come and Gone

It's been a day and a half and we're still trying to recover from Halloween.  Our activities were out of control this year.  If you saw the last post of Audrey, you can see how well she handled it.  That little catnap in the car gave her just enough energy to terrorize Eric and the other kids while trick or treating ;)

I fully enjoyed a mostly quiet night at home with Ward while Eric and the other kids went out trick or treating.  The kids practiced at our door before they headed was super funny. 

I have had to tell the kids like 10 times that Halloween is over, I suppose it's time to take down the decorations so they aren't so confused.  That, and there is SO MUCH CANDY all over the house.  Waaaay too much candy.


Nana said...

Great to see the kids so excited! Glad they had a fun Halloween.

Annie H. said...

I love the "practice" trick-or-treating pictures. And, uh, I'll take some of that candy off of your hands! :)