Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The first ever...

...Charmed Hornes post written from a PC.  I am dying.  Seriously, my soul is being crushed.  My beloved (albeit ancient) laptop took a nosedive from the kitchen counter on Sunday and it is not coming back from this one.  I know first world problems aren't problems, but that laptop was like part of me.  It was the last little piece of this world that was mine.  The files were all horrifically organized by me.  It drove Eric crazy, but I knew just where everything was.  The programs were programs for just me.  No kid's games.  I have had it since before Amos was born, so it had all 20,000 pictures of baby Amos on it.  Don't get me wrong, those are all backed up, but that laptop was their first home.  I started this blog from that laptop. I've used it to make birth announcements for the kids, invitations to birthday parties, and handouts for young women.  We've printed 500,000 coloring pages from it.

But, alas, it's gone.  I suppose it's time to figure out stinking McAfee.