Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's ok to drink the kool-aid

Monday Amos and Maggie had their big trip to the dentist.  They both needed oral sedation for the work they were getting done. 

Sweet little Maggie has "close contacts", so she had teeny little cavities between her teeth. 



Yes.  It's the same.  No visible changes for her.  But, for Amos...



Like I posted before, that front tooth of Amos' was a casualty of his fall in Park City.  He had two other extractions, and the tooth fairy had to pay him big bucks.  Somehow Maggie ended up getting money too?

Both kids did great with the sedation.  Amos was pretty excited about it, in fact.  The dentist mixed the sedation medicine in some kool-aid and had them drink it.  Then, they took us into a little room with a couch, bean bag chair, and t.v. with movies to wait.  Someone would come check on the kids every few minutes to see how they were doing.  Amos would always say,

"I am trying to fall asleep."

And Maggie would say,

"That drink was good, but I am still talking."

It was funny.

Eventually they both went under and the work was done.  They're back to normal today, although much richer.


Kendra said...

Ha ha! I love this. The whole thing is great. But I mostly love their responses to waiting for the kool aid to take effect. Awesome.

lizi said...

Great story. Glad everything went so well.