Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Enjoyed

Conference binder?  Check.
Christmas jammies? Check.
Family gathered 'round?  Check.

We had a good conference weekend here.  It was the first one we've really tried to include the kids in.  In the past we've always sent them off to play, or timed some convenient naps, or been in the hospital delivering them.

Amos and Maggie are WAAAAY into "schoolwork" these days (coloring, writing, etc.) so I knew they would LOVE conference binders with a packet in it, downloaded from the church website, here.  I simply printed, hole punched, made a cover (with their own names, which is SO important), and threw in a brand new box of colored pencils.

They worked so hard on them during conference.  It took Amos a while to understand that he didn't need to write down every single thing I did ;)

This drawing of Maggie's totally cracked me up:

It's President Monson and his red tie.  I think he would like it.  The thought of him popping into the screen sideways like that is great.

The conference board worked, though I think it will be better as the kids get older.  Hearing Amos exclaim,

"Maggie!  We're in the chairs!"

when they first saw it, made it well worth it.

Maggie enjoyed it the most:

I cannot take credit at all for the idea, and in fact, I simplified the idea.  A LOT.  We're not ready for the whole board.  Maybe next April conference.  The idea comes from here.  There is a re-creation of it here (which better fit my "style," you dig?)

Basically, I printed out the pictures of the key players (Prophet, 1st Presidency, Quorum of the 12, Auxiliary Presidencies, and music people).  We had a pulpit with a little thought bubble, which could be filled in with the topic cards I also printed (temple, Jesus Christ, love, faith, etc.).  I had spots for the conductor and organists too (complete with the MoTab behind them).

Each time the speaker changed I would have the kids put up the new person, we'd practice their name and what they did, and then I'd have them listen for what they were talking about (this part should get better as they get older).  Side note:  Maggie heard "Halloween" when someone said "Galilee."  It was pretty funny.

Having pictures like this to look back on, priceless.

And for those of you with littler kids, please know the sessions that matched up with Audrey's nap were the best by far.  It gets better, I promise.


Kate said...

You rock... I am copying you in three years ; )

deveney said...

this is awesome, i am so doing something like this in april. and can i just say that i am SUPER impressed with all that you are accomplishing while having a newborn...incredible! so, i am totally struggling with keeping up with the house cleaning and laundry since having tucker, how do you do it?? do you have a specific schedule? you just seem so on top of it kuddos to you:)