Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Audrey's Birthday

Yesterday was a funny day.  Eric took Amos and Maggie to the store to pick out presents for Audrey and they were SO excited about them.  I told them that we would wrap them during her nap.  Amos spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon asking if it was time for Audrey's nap yet.  Audrey was getting SO mad about it.  Once it finally became nap time, it took about 4 minutes to wrap Audrey's presents.  Then, Amos spent the rest of her nap time asking if it was time to wake her up yet.

Anxiously awaiting the party:

It's finally party time:

You know it's a good party when you don't have to wear any pants ;)  For the record, Little Miss is potty training.

Amos and Maggie were very insistent on helping Audrey with her presents...they were DYING to play with them:

Auds stayed totally straight faced through the whole thing.  She goes stoic at the oddest times.

Lest we not forget, SHE IS TWO:

Happy birthday Audrey!

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Anna said...

She is so cute. Are those the baby Disney princesses? They are cute too.