Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Our Halloween festivities began Saturday with the ward Trunk or Treat.  The kids were jazzed, to say the least. 

They had a good time, and got TONS of candy.  Having three (candy receiving age) children is the break even point, in case you were wondering.  We got back as much candy as we gave out.

Here are my little trick or treaters:

Audrey got lots of:

"Hi, little fancy lady" or "look at the pretty ballerina." 

Then, when they did the catwalk and announced the kids and their costumes there was a collective "oh!" when they announced Audrey as Audrey Hepburn.

And Wardie:

Any ideas what he is?  No?  It's ok, no one else got it either.  He's sushi!  I guess we might be the only ones who go to Happy Sumo once a week.  

I'd be lying if I said that watching this little yahoo run around all night wasn't my favorite part:

It was great.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More from the Halloween Fairy

Amos was thrilled today when he found Ward's skeleton from the Halloween fairy. I have to admit, part of me wondered what he would do with it. I should have known.

I found another note too. This time Eric helped him spell "give." And the drawing, as was the last one, is a skeleton.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heart. Melted.

I am dying right now...I have been leaving "Halloween fairy" toys for the kids this week. I've only been leaving 3, for Amos, Maggie, and Audrey, because, well, Ward is a baby. Earlier today Amos was asking me how to spell "give." I didn't know why until I found this note left for the "Halloween fairy:"

"Go poo poo!"

> "Get back on the potty!!! I don't see any poo poos!!!!" -Maggie
> Between this post and the last one, I am starting to think things get a little weird around here when Amos goes to preschool.

"Look at us"

"We're transformers!" So very random!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another year, another baby, another pumpkin patch

Today was pumpkin patch day.  It was super low key and uneventful.  The kids were totally stoked to go, and loved all of the different activities.  They ran from corn pit to maze to petting zoo to tractor ride to hay bail mountain.  Then, we picked out some pumpkins and came home. 

When we got home the kids drew faces on the pumpkins, since we thought it was probably too early to carve them.

After properly positioning the pumpkins on the front porch, we had a Halloween dress rehearsal.  This year is going to be the best one yet.  I am super excited for both Audrey and Ward's costumes... 

Friday, October 19, 2012

One more thing...

I am blogging from here:

Yup, shattered Mac sitting next to a perfectly "good" PC.  I still choose Mac.  And, yes, my desk really looks that messy. What?

2 months, Baby!

On top of Amos and Audrey's well child check-ups, Ward had his two month check up.  I am so very happy to say that he's gaining weight, and has managed to make it onto the chart for height (I thought his height was 2% last appt, but it wasn't).

The new stats...

Weight: 10 lbs, 2 oz (7%)
Height: 22.15 in. (2%)
Head: 37.4 cm (7%)

Ward is so "the baby" of the family.  He gets so much more attention than any of the other kids.  He's a little prince, and we treat him like it.  He still wakes up at night =(  We never let the other babies get away with that!  Mostly he eats, sleeps, and swings the day away.  The doctor did say his head control was impressive, "like a 4 month olds" even. He went on his first vacation this month (to Iva's blessing) and he passed with flying colors.  We'll see how he does when we take him out of the country...

Amos at 5

5 years

Weight: 39 lbs. (45%)
Height: 42 in. (35%)

Amos, Amos, Amos.  The boy is a handful.  He's all energy and ideas.  He's turned out so much sweeter than I could be responsible for.  He loves his brother baby, and is always willing to help me with Ward.  He likes to get jobs so he can make money, though he immediately loses it and has never used it to buy anything.  The other day I got him juice and he tried to pay me.  He does not like to get in trouble, his little eyes get so sad when I discipline him.  He remembers just about everything anyone tells him these days.  He loves school and Mrs. Jackie.  He plays WAY too rough and it drives me and his sisters crazy.  He dreams of being a hero and a saving the world.  I think he just might. 

Audi at 2

The beginning of October brings our annual "well child" check-ups for Audrey and Amos.  Ladies first, so...

2 years

Weight: 28.2 lbs (80%)
Length: 35.5 in (85%)
Head: 48.8 cm (85%)

The girl is trouble.  She gets away with just about everything.  Her current specialty is yodeling.  I really need to get it on video.  It's great.  She is very "two" these days, and loves to drag stuff from one end of the house to the other.  She's super pokey when walking, unless she's making a mess, then it's turbo speed.  She insists on doing what the big kids are doing and HATES being left behind.  Eric and I usually let her go wherever, just to avoid the tantrum.  She especially loves Suzanne Hemingway and Kathy Warner, who watch her on Wednesdays while Eric and I are at mutual.  She still eats all the time, though she has begun to discriminate. 

We love Audrey, and she sure keeps things interesting.

Thank You

My cellphone and I recently parted ways, and it took with it my list of "thank yous" that I owe just about everyone I know since Ward's birth.  Instead of using this as an opportunity to assume the universe was letting me off the hook for all of those cards, I take it as a challenge.  My thank yous are still coming, but until then:

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."
~William Shakespeare

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iva's Blessed

Last weekend we loaded up the suburban and took a little family vacation to Idaho Falls for baby Iva's blessing.  We had a great time with the Catmulls, Iversons, and Meg, and it was pretty sad when it ended.

We stayed in a "hell-tell" as the kids called it, and they LOVED it.  We had to drag Maggie out of there kicking and screaming.  It might have something to do with the little home she made for herself and her toys in the closet:

Or the eating popcorn in bed while watching t.v.  Audrey will definitely miss the easy access to the mini-fridge. For Amos it'll probably be the microwave.

We spent most of the weekend hanging out as a family.  We swam at the hotel, went to the park, went to Leo's Place, and shopped.  I don't know if Meg truly appreciates how much we love our trips to Cosmoprof for nailpolish.

Oh, and then there was the little matter of Iva's blessing.

Shawn did great, and Iva did too!

What a beautiful little family, right?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's ok to drink the kool-aid

Monday Amos and Maggie had their big trip to the dentist.  They both needed oral sedation for the work they were getting done. 

Sweet little Maggie has "close contacts", so she had teeny little cavities between her teeth. 



Yes.  It's the same.  No visible changes for her.  But, for Amos...



Like I posted before, that front tooth of Amos' was a casualty of his fall in Park City.  He had two other extractions, and the tooth fairy had to pay him big bucks.  Somehow Maggie ended up getting money too?

Both kids did great with the sedation.  Amos was pretty excited about it, in fact.  The dentist mixed the sedation medicine in some kool-aid and had them drink it.  Then, they took us into a little room with a couch, bean bag chair, and t.v. with movies to wait.  Someone would come check on the kids every few minutes to see how they were doing.  Amos would always say,

"I am trying to fall asleep."

And Maggie would say,

"That drink was good, but I am still talking."

It was funny.

Eventually they both went under and the work was done.  They're back to normal today, although much richer.

The first ever...

...Charmed Hornes post written from a PC.  I am dying.  Seriously, my soul is being crushed.  My beloved (albeit ancient) laptop took a nosedive from the kitchen counter on Sunday and it is not coming back from this one.  I know first world problems aren't problems, but that laptop was like part of me.  It was the last little piece of this world that was mine.  The files were all horrifically organized by me.  It drove Eric crazy, but I knew just where everything was.  The programs were programs for just me.  No kid's games.  I have had it since before Amos was born, so it had all 20,000 pictures of baby Amos on it.  Don't get me wrong, those are all backed up, but that laptop was their first home.  I started this blog from that laptop. I've used it to make birth announcements for the kids, invitations to birthday parties, and handouts for young women.  We've printed 500,000 coloring pages from it.

But, alas, it's gone.  I suppose it's time to figure out stinking McAfee. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aw, crap.

Literally and figuratively. Audrey finally decided to potty train herself. She has been trying to get me to help her since before Ward was born, but I just couldn't find the time. Earlier this week she disappeared for a minute and then I heard the toilet flush. Next thing I knew she was rounding the corner totally naked and exclaimed,

"I went in the potty!"

Uh? I don't know if she did or not, all evidence was lost in the flush. A day later though I was changing her and she ran off. When I called her back she said said,

"Going potty!"

Sure enough, I found her on the toilet cute as can be. When I got there she said,

"Going poop."

Yup. The possibility of her being trained is fantastic, but I also know it complicates nap taking and what not. I am not sure I am ready to give up her 4 hour naps :(

But, today, I heard the most dreadful sound of all. Audrey, who sleeps in a crib, and whose crib is not near the door, alerted us that she was up from her nap by knocking on the door! She's an escape artist. I cannot believe her crib days are over.

Tonight, we put her to bed in her big girl bed (which has been in her room since Amos upgraded to the bunk beds) and it is not going well. I just snuck in and took two quick shots of the current situation:

Conference Enjoyed

Conference binder?  Check.
Christmas jammies? Check.
Family gathered 'round?  Check.

We had a good conference weekend here.  It was the first one we've really tried to include the kids in.  In the past we've always sent them off to play, or timed some convenient naps, or been in the hospital delivering them.

Amos and Maggie are WAAAAY into "schoolwork" these days (coloring, writing, etc.) so I knew they would LOVE conference binders with a packet in it, downloaded from the church website, here.  I simply printed, hole punched, made a cover (with their own names, which is SO important), and threw in a brand new box of colored pencils.

They worked so hard on them during conference.  It took Amos a while to understand that he didn't need to write down every single thing I did ;)

This drawing of Maggie's totally cracked me up:

It's President Monson and his red tie.  I think he would like it.  The thought of him popping into the screen sideways like that is great.

The conference board worked, though I think it will be better as the kids get older.  Hearing Amos exclaim,

"Maggie!  We're in the chairs!"

when they first saw it, made it well worth it.

Maggie enjoyed it the most:

I cannot take credit at all for the idea, and in fact, I simplified the idea.  A LOT.  We're not ready for the whole board.  Maybe next April conference.  The idea comes from here.  There is a re-creation of it here (which better fit my "style," you dig?)

Basically, I printed out the pictures of the key players (Prophet, 1st Presidency, Quorum of the 12, Auxiliary Presidencies, and music people).  We had a pulpit with a little thought bubble, which could be filled in with the topic cards I also printed (temple, Jesus Christ, love, faith, etc.).  I had spots for the conductor and organists too (complete with the MoTab behind them).

Each time the speaker changed I would have the kids put up the new person, we'd practice their name and what they did, and then I'd have them listen for what they were talking about (this part should get better as they get older).  Side note:  Maggie heard "Halloween" when someone said "Galilee."  It was pretty funny.

Having pictures like this to look back on, priceless.

And for those of you with littler kids, please know the sessions that matched up with Audrey's nap were the best by far.  It gets better, I promise.