Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's a date?

Last night Amos and I went on a date night that I planned when I found out about the princess tea. A certain restaurant, which shall remain nameless, was hosting a "Mother/Son Date Knight" as a promotion.  It happens to be a restaurant that we really like to eat at, and what boy doesn't like knights? 

It was a really great time, just him and I.  When I told him we were going on a date, he asked,

"What's a date?" 

After I told him, he said,

"I love going on dates with you."

I made him promise he'd always love going on dates with me. 

A 'leaf' hat, per his request.

That knight took a beating all night long.

I'm sure someday he'll figure out dates aren't supposed to be with one's mom, but I am not going to be the one to tell him.


EHorne said...

Why won't you name the restaurant?

lizi said...

I wondered that too. But I figured out the name anyway :)

Looks like a great knight. How fun for you two.

Laura Horne said...

I don't want no drama, drama.

But, yes, I did hope the pictures wouldn't leave you in the dark too long. I just didn't want the words pulling up in a google search.

Adam & Samantha said...

Soo sweet. I hope Ryder will always want to go on dates with me. Until he's 30 or something- then he can go out with other women. :)