Saturday, September 29, 2012


This month, the kids started playing soccer.  When I signed them up in July, I knew September was likely to be a little crazy, so I snuck them onto the same team so at least we wouldn't have two separate teams to be managing. 

Having Amos and Maggie on the same team is super adorable to me. Their team has 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls.  They arbitrarily named themselves the "Tigers."  Their coach is the same coach Amos had for T-ball.

Amos loves soccer.  It's funny how once one kid gets it in his/her head to say, be into slide tackling, then all the kids do it too.  Each game the boys on the team start some sort of less than desirable behavior, and the coach has to coach them out of it (falling on the ball, camping out in the goal, etc.).  Amos is usually first on board with the new playing style.  He definitely likes to score goals too.

Then, there is Maggie.  She likes to lay on the field, opposite game play.  She gets "so tired" and can't do anything but lay down.  It's so funny to me, because she doesn't even try to watch the game.  She is in her own little world.  She does like doing kick-offs and goal kicks.  In their last game, out of nowhere, the ball happened to come to her, and no one was around.  She took off and scored a goal, in her own goal!  She was so excited, everyone was so excited for her and thankfully we don't keep score.  It did prove that she's got it in her somewhere.  Somewhere deep.

The very first play of the very first game the other team kicked off and kicked the ball right into Amos' shins.  He bent right down and grabbed the ball.  It was great, and somehow I managed to catch it on camera:

So far, soccer has been really fun.  I'll be curious to see if it sticks as the kids grow older.


Anna said...

They look so cute. And that is fun to have them on the same team. I would expect nothing less from Maggie. She is always in her own world :)

Kendra said...

That is so cute! And I love that she scored in her own girl. I distinctly remember playing when I was little and running down the field with the ball and people were yelling at me to go the other way. :) They're darling and I really hope they keep it up.