Sunday, September 16, 2012

Princess Tea

Yesterday Eric took the girls to a Princess Tea at the Springville Art Museum (which, is totally gorgeous!).  We thought it sounded like a great Daddy/Daughter date, but after I saw the pictures and videos, I was sad to have missed it.

The girls loved it.  When Amos asked Maggie what special treat she got at the party, she said, "bread that looked like a MOUSE!"  Super cute.

I tried to get pictures before they left the house, but it did not work.  Prince Charming was not cooperating.

So, I cropped him out:

And video:

There are many more videos on our youtube channel, if you're of the grandparent persuasion.


Kate said...

Love it! What a fun date!

Anna said...

I love their little dresses. They are beautiful.

Annie H. said...

SO ADORABLE! I've always loved the Springville Art Museum -- especially the Quilt Show they have every summer.

The Brown's said...

I wish we would have been on the ball with that one. My girls would have loved it! So glad they had fun :)

Laura Horne said...

Anna, I'm glad you like them, hopefully you'll still like them when Iva inherits them ;)

Melanie, next year I'll get a sitter for the boys and we'll all go!