Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mr. Humble

Today Amos and I went on a Mother/Son date while Eric took the girls to a princess tea.  We went to the Woodbury Museum for "family" day.  It was pretty mellow, with coloring activities and an ispy game.  Oh, and about 4 people in attendance.  Including Amos, Ward, and I.

Anyway, as usual, Amos struck up a conversation with a couple of the volunteers.  They eventually asked him how old he was, and when he said, four, they said,

"You're pretty smart for a four-year-old."

Amos' response:

"I'm strong too."

Fast forward an hour, and we're sitting outside waiting for Eric and the girls to join us for lunch.  Again, Amos is talking to a random stranger.  She asks him how old he is, and he says, four, to which she says,

"You're pretty smart for a four-year-old."

Amos' response this time:

"I get that a lot."

I could not make this stuff up.  Watch out Handsome Man, Mr. Humble is taking over.


lizi said...

What a character!

Kendra said...


Annie H. said...

"I get that a lot" HA! What a funny kid! (He probably gets that a lot, too!)

The Brown's said...

Ha Ha. That made my day!!

Anna said...

Oh Amos! He cracks me up.